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"Lesport" Harbor



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"Lesport" Harbour Varna

Lesport Varna Harbour has a total area of 52 215, 00 sq. m. (the planned total built-up area is 70 000 sq. m.) The site was bought in accordance with the national conception of widening Varna Harbour, a construction of a new RoRo terminal, which stipulates a redirection of Lesport Harbours activity and a construction of an intermodal connection between Varna and Ruse as part of corridor No7.

The direct connection with Varna (a less than 5-kilometre distance), with the Hemus and Cherno More highways and the proximity to Varna International Airport label the attractive and strategically important location of the site. This gives exceptionally favourable possibilities of the development of various high-technology products, the establishment of logistics centers and Bulgarian and foreign company agencies for delivering to every destination in North and Central Bulgaria and to the neighbouring countries of Romania, Greece and Turkey.

"Lesport" location
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