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“Varnenchik” Business Center



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“Varnenchik” Business Center

Front view of VARNENCHIK Building Side view of VARNENCHIK Building Plan scheme of VARNENCHIK Building

“Varnenchik” Business Centre – Varna, entirely managed by “Bul Market Com”, offers offices and business areas for sale and for rent. 

Expected to be in running order in February 2011. 

The site is in the immediate proximity of Park-Museum “Vladislav Varnenchik” – an urbanized, affirmed trade area with an attractive location, excellent transport certainty and a well-constructed technical infrastructure. The building offers various function opportunities – offices and conference halls; stores and showrooms. All premises are spacious, sunny and cozy, constructed with high-quality and energy-saving materials. The site fulfills all requirements for a class A building, offering the necessary comfort, the needed working or leisure conditions of employees or clients, and a detached recreation park. The site also offers the required capacity of parking lot space. It is under security surveillance 24 hours a day and is equipped with a modern monitoring system.



  • 200 meters away from “Metro Cash&Carry” – Varna and “Technomarket”
  • 1 km away from the “Hemus” Highway;
  • 1 km away from the Varna International Airport
  • 1 km away from Varna Business Park
  • 500 meters away from Mall Varna
  • 600 meters away from Grand Mall
  • 10 minutes away from the city centre
  • 500 meters away from Varna Towers


The site is situated on an area of 3499 sq. m. before regulation and 3123 sq. m. after regulation, the detracted areas having been made into asphalt roads. The total built-up area amounts to 2422 sq. m. The site consists of a 770 sq. m., 4-meter-high ground floor, a 826 sq. m., 4-meter-high second storey and a 826 sq. m., 3-meter-high third storey. The building structure is monolithic, ferroconcrete, with brickwork and a curtain wall façade. 

Built-up area 
sq. m. 
Total built-up area 
sq. m. 
Urban plots area 
sq. m. 
Density of buildings 
Built-up area, storey 1 
sq. m. 
Built-up area, storey 2 
sq. m. 
Built-up area, storey 3 
sq. m. 
Green areas 
Parking lot space 
Intensity Coefficient 

Project executers:

  • The site’s architects are Varna’s chief architect Ivan Trendafilov and his crew.
  • Chief executives of the luxurious building are “Comfort” Ltd and “Comfort Partners Plast”, who have executed projects such as Grand Mall Varna, Hermitage Grand Hotel, Musala Hotel and many more.
  • “Bul Market Com” as the project manager.
  • The interior design is the work of architect Donka Zaneva and “ZSTUDIO”.
  • The air-conditioning of the business center is the work of “Chernev Clima” Ltd, each room having a separate “DAIKIN” air-conditioning system – high-quality and energy saving air-conditioners.
  • The electrical installation part was executed by “NET SYS” Ltd and KM&D Lighting, the whole building being equipped with luxurious German, energy-saving lighting fixtures by Wila, Germany.
  • The dry construction was executed by “SOLEI 06” Ltd.
  • All premises are wholly equipped with luxurious Spanish granite, floor tiling and terracotta by “Dosev Impex” Ltd; Italian interior doors and high-quality laminate flooring; a luxurious curtain wall façade with a glass coefficient 1.7; luxurious 7-person elevator “MULTILIFT”.
  • The building is equipped with fire alarm systems, video monitoring, SOT security systems, as well as security guards 24 hours a day.


The project is financed and realized with the cooperation of “Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria” and “Alianz Bank Bulgaria”.

 The building is expected to be in running order in February 2011.

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