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Bul Market Com was established in 2009, acting in the sphere of residential, office, industrial and social building management, as well as governing, financing and realization of investment projects.

The company has offices in Sofia and Varna.

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The main goal of our company is:

  • to keep up with the dynamics and the economic environment of today;
  • to be flexible, up-to-date and to yield its every next result better than the previous one;
  • to be loyal in its relationships with partners and clients;
  • to be a prospering company in times of crisis;
  • to be engaged in opening new work positions.

We demonstrate our qualities through the seriousness of our projects and accomplishments that are fact. Our social engagement results from the building of long-term partnerships, opening new work positions;

We are creating an image of a modern and advancing company in times of crisis.


Human resources

Enterprising young people with a modern way of thinking.

Highly qualified in spheres as: finance, economic government, international economic relations, marketing and advertizing, banking.

Command of English, Russian and Spanish.

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