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"Lesport" Harbor

"Lesport" Harbour Varna

Lesport Varna Harbour has a total area of 52 215, 00 sq. m. (the planned total built-up area is 70 000 sq. m.) The site was bought in accordance with the national conception of widening Varna Harbour, a construction of a new RoRo terminal, which stipulates a redirection of Lesport Harbours activity and a construction of an intermodal connection between Varna and Ruse as part of corridor No7.

The direct connection with Varna (a less than 5-kilometre distance), with the Hemus and Cherno More highways and the proximity to Varna International Airport label the attractive and strategically important location of the site. This gives exceptionally favourable possibilities of the development of various high-technology products, the establishment of logistics centers and Bulgarian and foreign company agencies for delivering to every destination in North and Central Bulgaria and to the neighbouring countries of Romania, Greece and Turkey.

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Varna Airport

Varna Airport

The project is situated in the immediate proximity of Varna Airport, facing the Varna Sofia highway. The area is 37 219 sq. m., the planned total built-up are being 80 000 sq. m. At a less than 2-kilometer distance from the site there will be built a road segment joining the Hemus and the Cherno More highways part of transport corridors 7 and 8 and an intermodal connection to Ruse and TRACECA.

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Varnenchik Business Center

Front view of VARNENCHIK Building Side view of VARNENCHIK Building Plan scheme of VARNENCHIK Building

Varnenchik Business Centre Varna, entirely managed by Bul Market Com, offers offices and business areas for sale and for rent. 

Expected to be in running order in February 2011. 

The site is in the immediate proximity of Park-Museum Vladislav Varnenchik an urbanized, affirmed trade area with an attractive location, excellent transport certainty and a well-constructed technical infrastructure. The building offers various function opportunities offices and conference halls; stores and showrooms. All premises are spacious, sunny and cozy, constructed with high-quality and energy-saving materials. The site fulfills all requirements for a class A building, offering the necessary comfort, the needed working or leisure conditions of employees or clients, and a detached recreation park. The site also offers the required capacity of parking lot space. It is under security surveillance 24 hours a day and is equipped with a modern monitoring system.


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Varna "Central Park"

Varna Central Park

Side view of Cental Park Varna Side view of Cental Park Varna Plan scheme of Cental Park Varna

A site located in the very centre of Varna, between Preslav and Panagiurishte Str. The building is representative for Varna part of Bulgarias historical and cultural inheritance, with unique architecture and proclaimed as a cultural monument. Currently the building has three storeys (it used to be a Police Office building).

A draft project with excellent parameters for various realizations has been developed by Bul Market Com and Intermetal Engineerings teams. There is authorization for building three more above-ground storeys and there are no restrictions for underground storeys that will be used as garages. Exceptionally suitable for a corporate or trade centre, hotel, or a residential building.

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"Campo Verde" Residential area

Campo Verde Residential Area

Front view of KAMPO VERDE Residential Some view of KAMPO VERDE Residential Top view of KAMPO VERDE Residential Plan scheme of KAMPO VERDE Residential

A luxurious residential area of the gated community type situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain. Campo Verde will be located on Simeonovsko Shose Blvd, in the Maxi residential area one of the most opulent districts of Sofia. The area will provide garages, excellent infrastructure and controlled access that will guarantee the safety and tranquility of its residents. We plan to provide a luxurious execution of different apartments and common elements with quality materials. The interior distribution of the buildings will be functional and comfortable, as well as granted with a beautiful vista of the Vitosha Mountain.

Furthermore, planned to be executed in Campo Verde are playgrounds, gyms and pools. The residential area will also have a caf? and a restaurant. Most of the common elements are subject to planting and grassing.

The total built-up area is 10 800 sq. m. It consists of 4 houses, garages, parking lot space, a sports centre, playgrounds and planted areas.

The site is a perfect blend of the comfort of urban infrastructure and the tranquility and exceptional nature of the Vitosha Mountain.

Among the main advantages of the residential area is its location in the vicinity of Sofias city centre a mere 10 minutes distance. Its residents will have at their disposal excellent skiing, picnic and relaxation conditions, since Campo Verde is at a 2-kilometre distance from the lift station and the ring-road.

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